Small country like Ghana

Indeed Ghana is a small country but yet still can’t stabilize financial problems. Its citizens are too known ,they have problem with every government who comes to power but interestingly doing nothing which brings about development. Ghana the small country produces more than 50 bitters.

Adonko bitters

Kakai bitters

Bie gya bitters

Orijin bitters

chairman bitters

Joy dady bitters

Kpo keke bitters

cargo gin bitters

Alomo bitters

Don papa ginseng bitters

Ogidigidi bitters

Pusher gin bitters

Alafia bitters

Playboy bitters

Captains bitters…..and many more.

All these bitters is about sex,this means the coming youth whom they call their future leaders may turn into drunkards. With this shambolic idea of the citizens ,they will end up blaming the government.Small country Ghana is where everyone knows better when it comes to politics, they will be suggesting like if they were to be leaders something enthusiastic would have happened. Apparently ,they are comparing themselves with countries like China, UK, USA saying they should have develop like these countries by now forgetting they don’t believe in silly myths,forgetting how they cherish their own. The least said about the pastors the better. How can the ” small country Ghana ” develop.

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